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In some instances our new home buyers will come to us with a set of pre-designed home plans that they want some modifications made to and that’s ok. A semi-custom homeĀ  is just that. We’ll work with pre-existing plans or ready-designed model homes and add a garage, extend a bedroom or add a sun deck. As a result, event though your design may have come from a pre-designed home that mirrors one you’ve seen, your home becomes your own when we customize it to fit your life.

A semi-custom home provides enhanced opportunity to modify and customize the interior and exterior finishes, and structure. Imagine the possibilities as a kitchen designed with limited design takes a new form representing the meeting place for your family. With custom counter tops and glass cabinet doors, warmly lit from within, your treasured settings become a focal point of the memories you’ll have together in life. In essence, your semi-custom home becomes your life’s home.