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Custom Homes

Cotner Building Company approaches home design in a wholistic manner. Who will live in the home? How will they live in the home? Is it for utility, entertaining, a landing spot for an adventurous couple, or a family that needs room to grow?

The key to building your home is to know that your home is not like any other home – it’s unique, a blend of form and function that compliments the lives within.

At Cotner Building Company we listen and understand the desire that you can see, in your mind’s eye, and then consult you on how to make your home even better. Our years of custom home design experience provides us a solid foundation upon which we draw options and ideas around energy efficiency, lifestyle and accessibility for later in life .

The key notion of a custom home project is that sustainability is fully integrated into the design of the home. Sustainability in construction and efficiency; and sustainability to match your lifestyle.

We believe in the concept that a custom home starts and ends with relationship. We have established long lasting relationships with our clients. We feel that to provide a product that is truly tailored to the client, you have to spend time getting to know them. We value these relationships and that is why we feel we can offer a product that transcends generations. A lot of our custom referels are through client family ties. We have a strong belief in family and it shows through our work.